VITA –  Jaan Teng  BA, Med., CET., AFCA

  • Born in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Educated in England and Canada
  • Graduated from University of Toronto (Studied Art History, Perceptual Psychology and Technology)
  • Master’s Degree from OISE (Computer Applications – Multimedia)
  • Media Director of George Brown College
  • Attended courses at Ontario College of Art and Artist’s Workshop
  • Audio-Video Graphics Program coordinator at Fleming College in Peterborough
  • Taught computer and video graphics at Fleming College, Tallinn University, and at Estonian Art Academy (Tallinn)
  • Taught the course “21st. Century Concepts in Information and Meaning” at Tallinn University
  • Residences and Workshop/Studios in Tallinn and in Peterborough
  • Member of Kawartha Artists Group in Peterborough, FCA, ECOAA, and EKKT (Estonian Artists Group) in Toronto.

Artist’s Statement

I like to create saturated colours with strong value and hue contrasts.  It is my belief that all art is representational — it re-presents what is going on inside the artist’s head.  Since we each live within our own conscious construction of the world, the act of communicating becomes a truly interesting challenge. It only appears easy and effortless.  The essence of qualia cannot be described, hence perceptual communication relies mainly on our ability to discriminate contrasts.